Privacy on Skyblock Finance

We take privacy seriously and ensure that we protect users as much as possible from privacy-invading companies.

Noteworthy Decisions

  • All our servers are hosted in the 🇪🇺 European Union and thus protected by the GDPR
    The GDPR is an amazing piece of legislation that gives users a lot of rights regarding their personal data.
    You can read the GDPR here
  • We minimize the amount of personal data we collect.
    For example, we do not ask users to provide their email address when signing up.
  • We do not use passwords
    In order to remove any risk of us accidentally leaking your password we’ve decided to use a Minecraft server that generates authentication codes instead.
    You can just join it and get a code back that simply tells us what your Minecraft username is.

Third-Parties we use

  • Plausible Analytics, a very well-respected and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics.
    We picked this solution since it provides all the necessary data to improve Skyblock Finance, but doesn’t infringe on user privacy and doesn’t store any cookies or sell any data.
    You can view an example of what Plausible looks like here
  • BetterUptime for tracking outages
    This is a simple tool to notify users when Skyblock Finance is experiencing issues and monitors if the server as well as the Hypixel API is operating normally
    You can view our status page here
    Please note that the status page itself is hosted by BetterUptime and does use Google Analytics. You do not need to use this page at all though, it is entirely optional
  • Hetzner for Server Hosting
    Hetzner offers dedicated root servers that aren’t cloud-based and instead operated by us, giving us more control about user data
  • Hypixel API for fetching Skyblock-related data
    For obvious reasons, we need to regularly fetch data from the Hypixel API in order to display it to you
  • Mojang API for translating your user ID to your username as well as showing item textures
    Internally, every user is only known by ID. This helps us keep your account working even if you decide to change your username. You already use this exacty API every time you log into a Minecraft server
  • Craftatar for showing user profile pictures
  • COFL API for fetching Auction House prices
    This is done from the server-side, so no user data ever reaches COFL.

Third-Parties we don’t use

  • We do not use Google Analytics
    We have no interest in enriching Google’s data harvesting. See the exception for the BetterUptime Status Page above.
  • We do not use any Amazon services like AWS
    All our servers are hosted as dedicated root servers rented by us in Hetzner’s datacenters.
  • We do not communicate to social media companies like Facebook
    There are no Facebook tracking pixels or other privacy-invading technology on Skyblock Finance. If we ever decide to offer social sharing options, they will not contact social media companies until you’re explicitly asking us to do so